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Customised Digital Video Monitoring System

With years (since 1999) of experiences in design, manufacture and deploying CCTV systems, iFocus has developed a full suite of Digital Video Monitoring System for general users. As we choose to design and develop most of the technologies in-house for ease of customization and maintenance, we are well positioned to provide customization of the standard digital video monitoring system to suit special requirements, different applications, or to be operated under different environment from our customers.

Examples of customizations:

  • Customized Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for the oil exploration industry with explosive proof PTZ cameras.
  • Developed a customized DVR for Lift CCTV application that serves lift monitoring and surveillance purposes.
  • Customized Trainborne Digital Video Recorder (TDVR) and Video Server to operate in Train environment (EN50155).

With the improvement and advancement in Digital Video Monitoring System in the areas of faster hardware device, bigger storage options and faster communication systems, iFocus is in a position to use these technologies to solve problems that previously were unconceivable to be integrated. One such area includes using Digital Video Monitoring System as a management tool for manufacturing environment or fast food retail chains to improve productivity.

iFocus is committed to be creative, innovative and flexible in fulfilling the customers’ diverse requirements.

Customised Digital Video Recorder

Customized Trainborne Digital Video Recorder (TDVR)

Video Server

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