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Train Communication Interface System

iFocus' Train Communication Interface (TCI) System is specifically designed for interfacing various Trainborne equipment to Radio equipment. The main function of the Trainborne Equipment is to support the delivery of voice and data signals between Operation Control Center and onboard Trainset Systems. Voice and data communication software and firmware are used to interface with the radio and to control the audio and data signal paths between the radio and the Trainset System in order to accomplish the required operational functionality. iFocus can customize the TCI system according to the customer's requirements.

iFocus has been handling Train Projects since year 2001. Projects handled include Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Taiwan Rail Authority (TRA), Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), SMRT and SBS Transit (NEL).

With the experience of Train Communication Interface Services since year 2001, we are committed to the delivery of innovative, yet cost effective, high quality solutions to our customers.

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Project

Taiwan Rail Authority (TRA) Project


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