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Product Overview

Over the years, iFocus has introduced different ranges of DVRs to cater to different market segments. The basic model that was launched in 1999 caters to entry level market where price is the main consideration. An enhanced model was introduced since year 2001 to cater to demands for higher recording speed and longer recording period. iFocus has also launched its' premium model to satisfy customers who demand full screen recording, high frame rate live view per channel, and remote fast forward playback capability features.

iFocus is proud to be the DVR suppliers for prestigious users like McDonalds, Matsushita, Oracle, Swatch, public utility companies, United Nations, oil refineries, educational institutions, airports and many others. iFocus have continually improved the product performance and quality, and have successfully pioneered many innovative features for the digital video recorder product.



Digital Video Recorder


Economical models for entry level applications
Applications: retail shop, residential, small offices
8 and 16 channels models are available
Video display rate up to 32fps/64fps (8CH/16CH)
Video recording up to 32fps/64fps (8CH/16CH)

  • High-End DVR : High-Performance Market

    Premium models for high-end applications
    Applications: large projects, casino, prisons, banks, refineries
    4, 8 and 16 channels models are available
    Real-time video display
    Video recording up to 240fps/200fps (16CH NTSC/PAL)
    Optional 19" rack industrial casing




Central Monitoring System

iFocus Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a complete CCTV management system. It can connect to multiple cameras and manage security operations by network. Due to its flexible solution, it can be deployed in several applications such as airports, banks, campuses, municipal councils, train stations, oil and gas refinieres, power stations and etc. More
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