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Premium Features

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Live View Rate up to 480FPS for 16CH NTSC DVR
(E+ model)

Support live viewing speed of 30fps per channel

Recording up to 240FPS for 16CH NTSC DVR
(E+ model)

Support high recording frame rate per channel

Spot Monitor

One spot TV output is available

DVD Writer Archiving Option
(E+ and 16B+ model)

Videos can be archived directly onto DVD writer for easy export.
Multiple accounts can be alerted upon Video Loss, Harddisk Failure, Harddisk Full (98%), and Alarm Input
Up to 8 times fast forward/backward playback at the remote PC station
User is able to control cameras mounted on Pan/Tilt motors locally or remotely

User is able to record important videos onto both remote PC and local DVR simultaneously

Better recorded video quality can be obtained with the advance noise filtering feature
No installation of remote monitoring software required on the PC . Functions such as Live View, Playback, Download Video, and Setup are available
Remote training is possible without personally going down to site

The secured MPEG-4 compression not only achieve high quality video display, but also allows five times longer recording than with JPEG/MJPEG compression. With smaller MPEG-4 video file size, the refresh rate is faster and much lesser harddisk capacity is required.

Smart Adaptive Exposure (SAE)

The brightness of the video for day/night recordings can be automatically adjusted with standard low-lux CCD cameras.

User is able to adjust camera display properties for individual camera

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Standard Features

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Alarm 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs
Two alarm inputs and Video Loss/ Harddisk Failure/ Harddisk Full (98%)/ Alarm Indicator outputs
Audio 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs
Two channels of audio input data can be recorded together with the video data
Camera Text Colour Change Upon Trigger
Upon video motion and external alarm, the text of that camera would change from white to RED
Ensure continuous and reliable operation using non-Windows operating systems
Different recording resolution are supported
With iFocus's unique External IR Receiver, the DVR can be secured in a remote location while viewing and controlling in an open area
LiveView/Playback/Recording simultaneously
Whoever can operate a TV should have no difficulty operating iFocus DVR
Available for all channels

Note: Contents are subjected to change without prior notice

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