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iFocus Central Monitoring System (CMS)
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Why CMS?

Traditional standalone Digital Video Recorder (DVR) products lack central monitoring, video retrieval and management capabilities for large number of camera installations. The operating efficiency of security administrators is thus limited. iFocus Central Monitoring System (CMS) is designed to address this market segment. This highly-flexible solution can be readily deployed in several applications such as Airports, Banks, Campuses, Municipal Councils, Train Stations, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Stations and etc. iFocus CMS allows the central video monitoring and video playback as well as management of multiple DVRs and video servers (IP encoders) over a TCP/IP network.


  • Display multiple camera views from multiple DVRs on the same screen
  • Simultaneous video playback from multiple DVRs
  • Central video recording (optional)
  • Central surveillance site, system and device configurations
  • Centralized user administration and login
  • Network PTZ camera control
  • Central alarm/events monitoring and logging
  • System health monitoring
  • Standard network infrastructure and protocols


  • No need to remember multiple DVRs’ IP addresses
  • Only one password to remember for each user
  • Single sign-on and auto-login to DVRs
  • Centralized configurations
  • Controlled access to DVRs and camera views
  • Web access for end users
  • SMS alert upon exception events, e.g. video loss

System Components

A CMS surveillance network comprises of a group of network video servers and storage devices inter-operating together to provide a secured digital video surveillance solution. A typical CMS setup includes the following system components:

  • Central Monitoring System (CMS) Server
  • Web Server
  • Display Stations (DS)
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Video Servers (IP encoders)
  • Cameras (PTZ and fixed)
  • LAN/WAN Network
  • Storage Device such as Direct Attached Storage or
    Network Attached Storage for central recording

Example of CMS Architecture Diagram (Click Here)

CMS Server Software Description (Click Here)

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