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1 March, 2008

New features on Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Due to the increasing demand of Central Monitoring System (CMS) application, iFocus developed additional modules for CMS software. They are:


Web portal directs users to various WebDVR sites without user remembering the web address or being prompt for user ID or password, and at the same time restricts users from logging into WebDVR sites with unauthorized access rights.


This is an additional feature on video motion detection (VMD) event handling besides event logging, alert on Local Display Station (LDS) and correspondent users. Each channel of LDS can be programmed to display video when there is a motion detected until the user acknowledges the event.


Flexi-area VMD enables users to define motion detection area as lines or any enclosed areas.


Dual monitor mode supports a secondary spot monitor besides the main screen on LDS. The secondary monitor can be programmed to display either a fixed camera or all the channels sequentially.


Camera mapping feature integrates Pelco PTZ keyboard and Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras with LDS. User can display the PTZ camera in full screen in LDS by keying in its representative ID using Pelco PTZ keyboard. Controlling of such cameras can be done through both Pelco PTZ keyboard and LDS.


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